Architectural Presentation Using Visualisation.

Architecture visualisation has become a large part of our industry. Especially with many architects and architectural students that are equally skilled and interested in both disciplines. Architectural presentation and representation has never been more important and is often the difference between winning and losing a project.

The use of technology has now become very significant in architecture. It is currently, the go-to architectural presentation technique with its ability to demonstrate and share the details. This includes not just the building’s mass, form, and materiality but also the atmosphere and feeling the architecture will eventually evoke. This would present the culture and the theme of the project and the building.

The progression in technologies and its accessibility has also lead to the advancement of architectural presentations. Currently, it is no longer enough to just have a series of beautiful images. The presentations often now consist of highly detailed animations and walkthroughs. These give the user ultimate control over what they are seeing via a VR headsets and controller.

There are many different genres to architecture visualisation. For instance, some are purely photorealistic and strive to mimic a photograph. On the other hand, others may be atmospheric and focus on the environment the building creates. These all depend on the points that the seller wants to elaborate more.   

The companies that demonstrate the current high standard of architectural representation and presentation, have invested hugely on visualisation and Virtual Reality.