3D Images Can Really Increase Sales?

3D Images are great marketing tool

3D Images have played a very important role in the past decade. We have witnessed the internet becoming an increasingly visual space. The social media channels are full of colourful images. Some companies like Pinterest or Instagram have taken benefit from this. They have achieved success by building their business around what can be seen, rather than what can be said.

The world of Architecture and Real Estate hasn’t been immune to this trend. As a matter of fact, customers are driven by compelling 3D images now more than ever. According to a report by MDG, 67% of the people interviewed admitted that visualisation images carry more weight than house descriptions or shipping information.
This corroborates the notion according to which product photography represents one of the most important areas to work on to improve online sales. In Arcwin Group, we will explore how 2D and 3D architectural images can complement each other to create an online product display strategy that boosts sales.

3D Images are an interactive, engaging, informative experience for customers.

Interestingly, Real Estate is very similar to the eCommerce business model. In a recent Shopify article, reported how a growing number of consumers prefer to purchase in high-street stores to be able to touch and interact with the product before buying.
3D product photography serves the need for interactivity by offering a hemispheric, engaging view of the product. This is a perfect solution for the product designers as well. Since they can produce the 3D images in the most interactive path.