Furniture CGI – How showrooms use CGI Visualisation?

Furniture CGI, furniture visualisation can help showrooms

Furniture CGI or Furniture Visualisation has changed the furniture, kitchen and bathroom industry very significantly. Sometimes there are different specs for each product and due to limitations of space. Therefore the showroom designers cannot provide different colours and specs of the same product on the floor for the potential buyers

As a result, most customers have to visualise and imagine their own rooms, kitchens or bathrooms with the decorated products available in the showroom. This can be a very difficult task for many individuals. Further, on many occasions can lead to confusion and lack of confidence for purchase. 

Therefore, many showrooms have come to this conclusion that Furniture CGI visualisation can hugely affect the confidence of the buyers. With just a small expenditure on furniture CGI and visualisation services, they can increase their sales dramatically. 

The way that Arcwin works with showrooms is very easy and straightforward. Arcwin directly speaks with the clients and listen to all the requirements they have. For intance design, spec, colours, lightings etc. After hearing all the requirements, the architects will provide high-quality Furniture CGI in a matter of 2-3 working days. 

What is the process for Furniture CGI?

Furniture CGI has changed the product promotion process significantly. Now, the photorealistic 3D model is an asset allowing to get top-notch images for online and traditional marketing for your company and specific products. Moreover, 3D modelling and visualisation allow companies to have faster access to visuals than with photography studios, and it reduces cost in the long term.

They can review the CGI and come back with changes to you and ask for different models or alignments if they require. This will fasten their decision-making process and make them more confident about their purchases towards their dream house. 

You can learn the exact timeframe and product rendering cost for your project on our website within a few clicks. And to get some stunning imagery for your furniture, simply contact us now.