How can showrooms benefit from Visualisation?

A great usage of architectural visualisation is for showrooms and product warehouses. 

There are many “kitchen and bathroom” showrooms in the UK that have created multiple spaces in their showrooms using their own products such as tiles, washing desk and cabinets. Potential customers walk through the showrooms and check the design and the measurements of each product. 

Sometimes there are different specs for each product and due to limitations of space, the showroom designers can not provide different colours and specs of the same product in the floor for the potential buyers. 

Therefore, mostly customers have to visualise and imagine their own rooms, kitchens or bathrooms with the decorated products available in the showroom. This can be a very difficult task and in many occasions can lead to confusion and lack of confidence for purchase. 

As a result, many showrooms have come to this conclusion that CGI visualisation can hugely affect the confidence of the buyers and with just a small budget, they can increase their sales dramatically.