Your 3D Model can be used further for Furniture CGI.

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Another advantage of 3D modeling for product designers is that it can be used to get any type of 3D rendering. Whether is still furniture images or interactive solutions. With a ready 3D model, a manufacturer can get new visual materials quicker time and a reduced cost. Online marketing campaigns will definitely benefit from photorealistic 3D animations, 360˚ views, interactive catalogs, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

As a result, top-notch furniture CGI will enhance social media promotion and increase e-stores sales. As for traditional marketing campaigns, a typical 3D model can be used for creating visuals for print advertisements, TV commercials, catalogs, flyers, social media and website content as well as many other media channels for promotion and brand awareness.

Furniture CGI has changed the product promotion process significantly. Now, the photorealistic 3D model is an asset allowing to get top-notch images for online and traditional marketing for your company and specific products. Moreover, 3D modeling and visualisation allow companies to have faster access to visuals than with photography studios, and it reduces cost in the long term.

You can learn the exact timeframe and product rendering cost for your project on our website within a few clicks. And to get some stunning imagery for your furniture, simply contact us now. We will produce high-quality CGIs that will sell your products.